Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition is often the most confusing part in achieving an optimal goal, whether it is sport performance, fat loss or general health and well-being.
Most people now realise that eating is not just about putting enough fuel in the tank to keep going.

If you give the body what it really needs, it does miraculous things. Organs, tissues, muscles and bloodstream all need the right fuel for the body and mind to remain healthy and balanced allowing:

  • the brain to think & feel happy
  • the muscles to move
  • the heart to pump
  • the liver to detoxify
  • the glands to produce hormones

By choosing food carefully we can take control over:

  • how well we age
  • how we resist illness
  • the number of years we can live a fulfilled, happy and active life

We provide coaching in all aspects of nutrition, from calculating your daily macronutrient intake appropriate to your goals, portion control, food choices, timings, hydration and strategies to incorporate. We also provide in depth advice on all types of supplements and remedies.

We will advise you on when to eat the right foods at the right times based on when you exercise, because exercise is energy used and food is refueling.

In coaching nutrition we see dramatic changes in peoples shape, health and fitness because we teach you to work with your body not against it.

So called ‘diets’ and quick fixes are not the LONG term answer….many of today’s ‘answers’ do not seem to consider why people have put weight on in the first place and can even put your health at risk!!

Quite simply, being on a ‘diet’ suggests at some point you are going to come off it, which in turn is why you YO-YO diet and end up back where you started or even worse.

We firmly believe leading a fat loss lifestyle is the best lifestyle.

Lifestyle factors play an essential role in obtaining optimal performance and body composition.

Factors such as sleep, stressors, digestion, food intolerances, environmental influences, relationships etc. are all part of the equation in finding your own optimal formula.

We can assess client’s nutrition and lifestyle using questionnaires in health, stress, blood sugar and brain chemistry.

We will advise and coach you in all aspects in order to achieve the best YOU.

This service is charged per hour. See Prices for details.